"Embracing Excellence: The Remarkable Journey of ONE-CUP Plus Pour-Over Coffee from Taiwan to Canada"

Back in Taiwan twelve years ago, we, Canadians from Taiwan, founded Your Bean International Ltd, with a focus on distributing Canadian Black Bear organic coffee. Alongside, we established a factory exclusively dedicated to manufacturing ONE-CUP pour-over coffee. This factory proudly holds ISO22000 and HACCP certifications. However, Due to the pandemic and our strong yearning for Canada, we decided to move back and established ONE-CUP Packaging Services Ltd.

With our extensive expertise and the captivating appeal of our products, we hope that you will share our passion for ONE-CUP Plus and contribute to its resounding success.

Photo on August 26, 2014

Fresh and Convenient
Discover the Flavor Coffee

ONE-CUP has a rich history of over 20 years in Asia, yet it has not gained much popularity in North America. That's why our team is determined to bring ONE-CUP to the North American market. We strongly believe that this convenient single-serve pour-over coffee will be embraced in this fast-paced modern life.
We invested in research and development, gaining valuable insights into the coffee preferences and demands of consumers. With this knowledge, we enhanced the design of ONE-CUP to cater to the tastes and habits of the N.A. market.

Heading back to North:
Our Journey of Manufacturing Excellence

Since 2012, we have been manufacturing One-cup products in Taiwan, with our own factory and production equipment. Now, we have fully consolidated and relocated to Vancouver, providing a comprehensive range of services to the vast North American market.

Dedication to
Quality and Reliability

Proudly a Canada-Taiwan
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