How To Brew

4. Pour

Pour hot water on the coffee grounds.

ONE-CUP pour over coffee tips

The amount of water poured will affect the strength of the coffee.

It is recommended that the water temperature be between 90 and 95 °C. The darker roast is suitable for high-temperature water, and conversely, the lighter roast is suitable for lower-temperature water.

Why is ONE-CUP so special?

This is a new way to brew portable pour over coffee and tea.

Our recyclable filters are prepackaged with locally roasted specialty coffee beans, which are ground before packaging to ensure long-term freshness after nitrogen filling.

Filter Specification

“Made in Japan" Food-Grade Filters
Since 1997

Non-Woven Filter

Countless droplet experiments to ensure the stability of the water flow

No Glue Adhesive

Perfect performance for odorless extraction

Ultrasonic Sealing

Ultrasonic bonding on both sides of the filter bag without any glue and adhesive

Recyclable Material

Over 95% made from recyclable materials

Laboratory Test

Passed the SGS 95° hot water test and no toxic substances

Convenient and easy

Capable of adapting to a wide variety of different sized drinking containers

Morning Coffee
At Home

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