The key is the precise
Water Temperatur and Amount
of hot water

Introducing ONE-CUP Plus version! It's an artful dance that takes around 3 minutes to brew, a little patience that serves to unlock and present the most exquisite flavors of the coffee. The wait is not just a delay - it's a gateway to the true taste of perfection.

Brewing Directions

4. Pour

Pour hot water on the coffee grounds.

Tips for making a single cup of pour-over coffee:
The amount of water poured will impact the strength of the coffee.
It is recommended to use water with a temperature between 85 and 95 °C.
Darker roasts are better suited for hotter water, while lighter roasts are more suitable for cooler water.

Filter Specification

“Made in Japan" Food-Grade Filters

Since 1997

Non-Woven Filter

Countless droplet experiments to ensure the stability of the water flow

No Glue Adhesive

Perfect performance for odorless extraction

Ultrasonic Sealing

Ultrasonic bonding is used on both sides of the filter bag, completely eliminating the need for glue or adhesive.


Environmentally friendly, you can choose biodegradable materials.

Laboratory Test

Successfully passed the SGS 95°C hot water test with no presence of toxic substances.

Convenient and easy

Capable of accommodating various sizes of drinking containers with ease.


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