Canadian Delight Blend


Exclusive Blend
City, Full City and Dark Roasted
Spice, Chocolate, Cherry, Black Currant
Water amount: 300ml
Water temperature: 190°F/88°C
Brewing time: 2 minutes and 45 seconds
Adjust the amount of water and temperature according to your personal preference.

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A Sip of the Great North!

Introducing our Canadian Delight Blend, a coffee that embodies the rich diversity and vibrant spirit of Canada. This unique blend is comprised of beans roasted at three different levels: City, Full City, and Dark, capturing the nuances of each roast profile.

The lighter City roast contributes a bright acidity and inherent sweetness, bringing out the beans’ origin flavors. The Full City roast, slightly darker, offers more body and complexity with a gentle bitterness to balance out the sweetness. The Dark roast adds a robust, smoky flavor that provides a pleasing finish to each sip.

Each roast level in our Canadian Delight Blend plays a significant role, creating a cup of coffee that is balanced, flavorful, and engaging. It’s an experience that is reminiscent of Canada’s diverse landscapes – from its bustling cities to serene wilderness.

Enjoy the Canadian Delight Blend in the comfort of your home, and let it transport you to the heart of Canada with each cup. Here’s a coffee that celebrates the taste of Canada!

ONE-CUP is the perfect companion for specialty coffee. As we all know, when it comes to a remarkable cup of pour-over coffee, the choice of coffee plays a crucial role. That’s why we meticulously select high-quality specialty coffee beans and combine them with our expertise in roasting. Through the meticulous 2.5-minute pour-over brewing process, we ensure that each cup delivers the exquisite flavors and rich, multidimensional taste that define handcrafted coffee.


Roast Profile: City, Full City, Dark
Acidity: Bright
Body: Medium-Full
Taste: Complex, Spice, Sweet, Chocolate, Cherry, Black Currant

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